Upcoming Events...

Next Church Service:


 Discipleship Hour - 9:00am
 Worship Service  - 10:05am

Live Stream Sermon Starts about 10:40am

New Covenant Christian School on Rt 72
452 Ebenezer Road Lebanon, PA 17046

Bible Study:

Wednesday - 12/07 - 7pm
At New Covenant Christian School
New Study on the Book of Ezekiel

Young Adult Around the Table Fellowship:

Wednesday - 12/14 - 6pm
At 109 Lakeside Dr., Fredericksburg

Men's Ministry:

Bible Study
First Sunday of each month - Discipleship Hour
"The Gospel at Work"
Join us as we learn how to live out the gospel in our careers!

Women's Ministry:

Bible Study
"With Joseph in the University of Adversity"
Read Chapter 5
Wednesday - 01/11 - 7pm
At the home of Beth Boltz

Craft Night
Wednesday - 01/25 - 7pm
At the home of Beth Boltz

Missions Ministry:

Food Bank Sunday - First Sunday of each month